Fisker Estimates Karma Fuel Economy at 67.2 MPG, CO2 Emissions at 83 g/km

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Photo: Fisker Automotive

How Will Those Numbers Translate to the Real World?

Automakers and regulatory bodies really need to figure out how to properly rate the energy efficiency of plug-in vehicles and electric cars, because what we have right now is disconnected from reality. GM grabbed headlines with a 230 MPG rating for the Chevy Volt, but as I then wrote, we need a better methodology ("pure madness!"). Now it's Fisker's turn to release fuel economy estimates for its upcoming Karma plug-in, but I think we should take those numbers with a grain of salt too.

fisker karma with logo photo

Photo: Fisker Automotive

Fisker writes (pdf): "The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will emit just 83g CO2/km and have an economy rating of 3.5L/100km [67.2 MPG US], according to SAE methodology measuring emissions for plug-in hybrids. [...] carbon dioxide output will be less than that of today's cleanest production cars and 75 percent less than that of competing vehicles, on average."

Theory vs. Practice

But these numbers will no doubt vary a lot in the real world, because they are heavily dependent on how many miles you travel between charges. For example, if your daily driving is less than 50 miles the vast majority of the time (the Karma has a 50 miles all-electric range), you'll burn a lot less fuel than someone who has a daily commute of more than 50 miles (which means that the range-extending gas engine would turn on every day to recharge the batteries).

Fisker also claims that if it reaches its goal of selling 15,000 Karmas per year through 2016, those vehicles would represent an estimated fuel saving of "941 million liters (248 million gallons) of gasoline could be saved and 2.3 million metric tons (2.5 million US tons) of CO2".

But since those numbers are based on the MPG numbers above, there's probably a wide margin of error.

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