Fisker Could Do IPO After Karma Launch in Spring 2011

fisker karma photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
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Henrik Fisker, the CEO of Fisker Automotive, the makers of the Karma plug-in hybrid, recently spoke with the press and gave an update on where the company is headed. The biggest news concerns the launch (finally) of the Karma, which should take place in March of 2011, and a possible initial public offering (IPO) some time after that.
fisker karma photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
"We have to launch the Karma first, that is clear," Fisker said in an interview at the Paris Auto Show on Friday.

"You have to get the revenue and launch the Karma, but we already are making sure our company is prepared for this possibility of an IPO."

Fisker has close to $1 billion of funding, including a $529 million U.S. Department of Energy loan to support the Project Nina development and part of the Karma program.

NINA is the code-name of Fisker's second model, which should begin production in 2011 (they've bought a GM plant to prepare for production) and be launched "sometimes in 2012".

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