FirstGroup to Cut CO2 Emissions by 20-25%

FirstGroup, a rail and bus service operator, have announced a plan to reduce emissions by 20-25%. This is significant, as the company makes 2 billion passenger journeys per year.

The plan involves training drivers in energy-efficient driving styles, and also switching some vehicles to biofuel. By the end of the decade the company want to reduce bus CO2 emissions by 25% and rail emissions by 20%. If they manage it, then they will have saved a quarter of a million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2020.

Moir Lockhead, FirstGroup's chief executive, said: "It's part of the cultural change in the industry, and in particular our company. Setting these targets means that we are aware of the impact of carbon dioxide, and we want to manage it down over time."

Lockhead also said that fuel-efficient driving would not affect their punctuality, which is a shame, because they always seemed to be late, and sometimes never arrived at all. :: The Guardian

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