First Tesla Electric Car Store Opens in Santa-Monica

Another milestone for Tesla Motors, the maker of the Tesla Roadster Electric Car: Their Santa-Monica store has opened its doors yesterday. It should soon be followed by one in Silicon Valley.

Tesla has also been doing a PR tour in Europe lately, showing off the Euro-spec version of the electric Roadster (300+hp with a 13,000rpm red-line, instead of the 248 hp listed for the US version). Now all they need is for more cars to be coming out of the assembly line. As we previously reported, the first production unit was delivered to Tesla chairman Elon Musk. Number 2 should go to Tesla Motors co-founder Martin Eberhard. The more successful the expensive Roadster is, the brighter the future of the next two less expensive and more practical models of electric cars on the company's roadmap will be. ::First Tesla store opens in Santa Monica, now we just need some cars. See also: ::Location of First Tesla Store Revealed, ::Here's What Happens to a Tesla Electric Car Battery at the End of its Life
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