Toyota Yaris Hybrid Preview

Toyota Yaris hybrid© Toyota

Hoping to Conquer Europe Next Summer

Ahead of its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next spring and of commercial launch in the UK during the summer, Toyota has release a few photos and some specifications for the production Yaris hybrid, which it turns out, it almost identical to the concept version. It's not quite clear if the North-American market will get the Yaris hybrid any time soon - it might depend on oil prices - but in Europe, this is a big deal for Toyota. The regular Yaris is their best-selling model there, so they have high hopes for the Yaris hybrid, hoping that having "the most affordable full hybrid in Europe" will mean they sell a bunch and take some market share from diesels (especially in city driving, where full-hybrid drivetrains shine).

Toyota Yaris hybrid© Toyota

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Technical Specs

A few details about what's under the hood have been released ahead of Geneva:

"Toyota has downsized its Hybrid Synergy Drive for Yaris, combining a new 1.5-litre petrol engine with a more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack. The result is a system that is 20 per cent lighter than that used in Auris Hybrid.

Thanks to all the key HSD components being reduced in size, and the location of the fuel tank and hybrid battery under the rear seat, Yaris Hybrid offers the same occupant space and 286-litre luggage capacity as conventional petrol and diesel Yaris models.

The highly efficienct 98bhp (74kW) powertrain will deliver a segment-leading balance of performance and CO2 emissions. Drivers will also be able to make use of drive modes that create zero NOx, particulate and CO2 tailpipe emissions.

Automatic air conditioning and e-CVT automatic transmission are fitted as standard, signalling that customers do not have to compromise on comfort in order to achieve low emissions performance."

Fuel economy numbers probably won't be released until Geneva in March, though.

Toyota Yaris hybrid© Toyota

It's very likely that it will be built in France, at Toyota's Valenciennes plant.

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid Preview
After years of rumors and some official announcements, Toyota has finally released photos of the Yaris hybrid, along with some information about what's under the hood.

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