Pics of Infiniti's Upcoming Sexy Electric Supercar Have Leaked!

Infiniti Emerg-E© Infiniti

Sexy Electric Supercar

It wasn't supposed to be revealed until the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of weeks, but pictures of Infiniti's new electric supercar were leaked ahead of the event. Because the car hasn't officially debuted yet, we're still in the dark about many of the technical specs, but we do know that it's going to be a range-extended electric car (aka plug-in hybrid) like the Chevrolet Volt, but the gas-engine that acts as a backup generator will be mid-mounted to provide better weight distribution. The electric portion of the drivetrain will probably have a lot in common with the electric LEAF's drivetrain, but I wouldn't be surprised if the motor and battery packs were bigger and possibly of a more advanced generation (maybe a sneak peak at what we'll see in the LEAF 2.0?).

For more eye-candy, check out the photos below:

Infiniti Emerg-E© Infiniti

Infiniti Emerg-E© Infiniti

Infiniti Emerg-E© Infiniti

As with all these supercars, the Infiniti Emerg-E probably will never be made in sufficient numbers to make any environmental different. But it is very nice to see that engineers are working on electric propulsion, as a lot of what is first developed in supercars and fancy concepts ends up in mainstream models. It also makes a certain car-nut demographic lust after electric cars rather than V12 engines, and that can't be bad...

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