First Networked EV Charging Station Installed in Canada

ChargePoints EV Charging photo

Image credit: Coulomb Technologies & CalCars

Having expanded its networked electric vehicle charging stations to 28 states last year, and installed European vehicle charging stations as far apart as Amsterdam and Milan, Coulumb Technologies was due to open Canadian charging stations in the first quarter of 2009. It looks like they fell a little behind schedule, but the first networked charging stations in Canada are now open for business. And more are planned soon. The first ChargePoint station is opening at the the headquarters of Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) in Vancouver, the company that has also been signed on as reseller of ChargePoints in British Colombia.

According to Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies, this is the first of many stations North of the border:

"Canada is a strategic and important country for deployment of electric vehicle charging stations. There are hundreds of progressive organizations, utilities and government entities that have shown strong interest in laying the groundwork for the necessary infrastructure to welcome EV's to the market in 2010. Partnering with established distribution names in the Pacific Northwest gives us a distinct advantage to rapidly move forward in our expansion plans. We are proud to be partnering with REV and Charge Northwest."

It's good to see global infrastructure like this expanding. As potential electric vehicle owners get used to the idea that they can recharge their vehicles any time, anywhere, they are more likely to take the plunge. The fact that the Coulumb network is now available on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as in Canada and the USA, bodes well for electric vehicles as product service systems—giving travelers the option of hiring an electric car wherever they are in the world, and maybe even giving up the idea, and hassles, of car ownership all together.

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