First Model S Delivered to Steve Jurvetson, a Tesla Board Member

Big Step for Tesla

The Tesla Model S electric sedan is only scheduled for delivery to customers on June 22nd, but apparently if you are an early investor in the company and board member, you get special treatment. Steve Jurvetson just had the privilege of driving away with the very first Model S officially sold, and he deserves it; investing in Tesla a few years ago took some guts, as everybody seemed to think it was impossible for some small Californian startup to not only compete with the giants of the industry, but do it with a technology that had basically zero market share at the time (most of that taking place during the greatest financial crisis in decades).

But that was then, and this is now. Tesla kept executing on its strategy of starting upmarket - with the electric Roadster - and then progressively create less expensive but higher-volume EVs as batteries became cheaper and they reaped economies of scale. The Model S is the second milestone in that plan, and I can't wait to see the third one (hopefully a nice electric sedan selling for around 30K, which isn't that much if you factor in fuel savings).

The video above was uploaded to Steve Jurvetson's Youtube account, and it shows the very special moment in the history of this young company.

Via Youtube, GCR

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