First Garbage Truck Powered by... Garbage

Well, It's True But...
The town of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, about 200 miles North of London, now has what is probably the world's first garbage truck that is powered entirely by garbage. That makes for a good headline, though in reality, this isn't exactly Mr. Fusion on a DeLorean yet...
Split-bins from which the truck collects garbage and recyclables.
Electricity Generated by Incinerating Gargbage -> Electric Truck
Huddersfield has an energy-from-waste incinerator (combined with a recycling center) that produces about 10 megawatts, and the "Smith Edison-modified 3.5-tonne Transit with a 40kWh lithium-ion battery pack, a top speed of 50mph, an effective range of 100 miles and a 6-8 hour charge time" charges from that power. So it's literally true that it is garbage-powered, though of course incinerators have their downsides.

Still, it's certainly a good idea to use electric trucks to collect garbage and recyclables. These trucks are almost always moving at low speeds, they brake a lot (make regenerative braking a big plus), and spend lots of time idling.

Maybe diesel-hybrid trucks will be the bridge between what we currently have and entirely electric garbage trucks.

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