First Carpooling Service for Buenos Aires

Originated by the transit plan that pretends to reduce the number of vehicles in Buenos Aires, a neighbor has come up with the very first carpooling website: (which means something like I share a car). For those not familiar with the term, Carpooling is an activity that goes back to the seventies, and consists of the "shared use of a car, in particular for commuting to work, often by people who each have a car but travel together to save costs and in the interest of other socio-environmental benefits" (Wikipedia). Those benefits are of course the carbon emissions that can be reduced by using one car instead of two. The Argentine site is pretty simple and works with a classifieds system, where people publish their available trips and places, and others share their needs for transport. The man behind the idea is Fernando Cardona, a citizen from Liniers neighborhood, who says he aims "to improve transit and pay less, while reducing contamination". Typical from Argentina: most times, green actions come from economic needs (check Scraplab or Silvina Romero's work for examples). Even though according to Clarin newspaper, gets 300 sign ups per week, reactions to the proposal are diverse in this blog (in Spanish), since some people think it is insecure. Our advice: there is no need to get paranoid, but of course be careful and maybe try the first time with a friend. ::Comparto Coche