Firefighter training video uses Tesla electric car

Tesla firefighter videoYoutube/Screen capture

Using the can-opener on a Model S

Firefighters are often first responders after car accidents, and sometimes rescuing people requires using hydraulic rescue tools (aka the jaws of life) on a vehicle; these situations can be very dangerous, so they need training to stay safe, and that now means getting familiar with electric vehicles. While quality engineering can mitigate risks from EVs, like they have done with gasoline and diesel vehicles, they can't be totally avoided.

Tesla Motors has donated a Model S electric sedan to the Fremont Fire Department so they could cut it up with the Advanced Extrication guys for a safety training video (see below).

"This video uses the new Tesla Model S to help explain basic electrical concepts, high voltage components, and operational considerations that rescuers should be aware of when operating around an electric vehicle. [...] This 40 min long video does not fully prepare rescuers to operate at EV incidents, but it does nicely compliment instruction received from a qualified EV Instructor."

Via Advanced Extrication, Autoblog

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