Fire In Japanese Toyota Prius Factory

Family Guy Pic Brian and Stewie in Toyota Prius

An accidental fire (we hope they wouldn't do this on purpose!) broke out in the area where car bodies dry after painting in one of the two Toyota Japanese factories that build Prius hybrid cars. That plant, which assembled about 250 Prius hybrids a day, could close for about a week because of the damage, which would mean that Prius exports could be reduced temporarily. This wouldn't be as bad a problem as it is if Toyota wasn't already selling all the Prius cars it can make and if there wasn't month-long waiting lists in the US. We'll wait to hear from Toyota if this will create a significant new delay for would be buyers or if this is only a minor snag. ::Fire disrupts Prius production, ::Toyota plant suspends Prius production after fire via ::Jalopnik