Finding True Love on Public Transit: Bus Bet Leads to Marriage

Bet while riding the bus leads to marriage

Photo credit: photonooner

Bus-riding is for lovers. So proved Amanda Hodson and Brendan Miles, who were both taking the bus one fateful day in Calgary about five years ago. Amanda, who got on first, was riding with her friends when they bet her $40 to kiss the next person who hopped aboard. That person was Brendan, and she won the bet.

"I walked on the bus, she walked up to me and all of a sudden she was kissing me," Brendan said. "And I just said, 'this is great!', and so I kissed her back." She offered some of her winnings to take him to coffee, which led to more dates and, finally, a wedding last week. Of course, their wedding pictures were taken in a bus. Just something to keep in mind the next time you consider climbing behind the wheel (alone) of your car; maybe not as conventional as Green Singles or the like, but equally effective, for sure. The happy couple have certainly embraced the ideals of our How to Green Your Public Transportation and How to Green Your Wedding guides; we'll now refer them to How to Green Your Sex Life and wish them all the best. Next stop: honeymoon. ::Yahoo! Canada via ::AutoblogGreen

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