Finding A Perfect Tike Bike

trioBike has released the next version of its tri-functional cargo bike, which we first wrote about here. The 2.0 Balanced is an aerodynamic and sleek-looking kid-hauler. And the detachable bike, a Shimano Nexus 7-speed, also looks great when you are out without the kids, or you can detach the cargo carrier to make a futuristic-looking street stroller.

The Danish designers of trioBike worked with the Danish National Consumer Agency to try to come up with the safest possible carrier for small kids - five-point seat belts, disc brakes, integrated front and rear lights, and fireproof hood and seats. Also the carrier is free of heavy metals, according to the web site. The newer version trims the weight a bit, improves steering control and adds mud guards.

Yet is it possible that trio is just too good to be true? trioBike enjoyed glowing reviews and won the 2005 SAS Design Award the year it debuted. But Dutch cargo-cycle bloggers bakfiets-en-meer (cargo bikes and more) say the trioBike is overhyped, suffering from top-heaviness and a hard-to-manuever hitch. The Dutch have as much experience as the Danes with street riding. But this isn't just a case of nationalistic preference - bakfiets recommends both the Danish-designed christianiabike cargo bike - which we've seen in countless variations on the streets of Copenhagen - and the Nihola as well as the Dutch Bakfiets brand. With trioBike's hefty base price of Euro 2,400 (U.S. $3,500) and the precious cargo involved, seems like a requirement to try before you buy. Via ::trioBike

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