Find Flights Annoying? Now Combine Flying With Loud Cell Phone Conversations!

As airlines try to save money by cutting flights and even using lighter meal carts, combined with heightened security, lost baggage and the guilt over spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, it seems flying couldn't get any more unpleasant. But now, thanks to the European Union, your next flight in Europe will most likely include overworked businessmen and women talking on their cell phones, texting and even sending and receiving emails. That's because, under a plan approved monday, "cell phone users could make and receive calls through an onboard base station." The European Commission will be tasked with ensuring that customers aren't charged exorbitant prices for making the calls. Of course, there's still the nagging problem that loud talkers will drive everyone else on the plane absolutely out of their minds. The EU has left it up to the airlines to establish protocols for etiquette surrounding cell phone use. However, air travelers are already, shall we say, prone to anger from the stresses of travel; imagine an irate IT worker being asked by a flight attendant to lower his'll be like a scene from the movie Airplane!

Via: ::AP

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