Finally, a Tesla for the rest of us

tesla flyer
Screen capture Radio Flyer

We have long been waiting for a smaller, more affordable Tesla and it's finally here. Radio Flyer calls it a Model S for kids, but I don't see why light (under 81 pounds) adults couldn't have a good time in this. It looks like the perfect urban runabout. I am not sure about that sense of entitlement that lets them drive on the sidewalk, but everything else about this is totally exciting.

And really, six miles an hour is pretty good speed in many crowded cities.

charging cableRadio Flyer/Screen capture

It has a lot of nice touches; you can charge it with a cable...

tesla flyer batteryRadio Flyer/Screen capture

...or you can actually swap out the 190 Wh lithium ion batteries, which is a really nice touch. There is a small trunk in the front (a frunk, they call it, really!) and a sound system.

tesla in garageRadio Flyer/Screen capture

Of course as committed bicycle urbanists we have to point out that a tricycle or bicycle could go farther, faster, would cost a lot less money and would provide a lot more exercise. And, you wouldn't need a two-tesla garage. But I have been saying this for years about the full size model too, and nobody listens then either.

Finally, a Tesla for the rest of us
Tricycle urbanists will be appalled.

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