The Fiat 500e electric car is coming to California this summer priced at $32,500

Fiat 500e Electric Car
© Chrysler

Fiat 500e Electric Car© Chrysler

As low as $20,500 after incentives

The 2013 Fiat 500e electric car, which was rated at an impressive 116 MPG-equivalent by the EPA, is coming to California this summer. Those of you who are interested will have to choice: Either a 36 months lease at $199/month after a downpayment of $1000, or you can buy it outright for $32,500, which after federal and state incentives could be as low as $20,500.

Fiat 500e Electric Car© Chrysler

One innovative perk of buying a Fiat 500e is that it comes with what the company calls the "Fiat 500E Pass program". This gives you 12 days of alternative transportation each year for the first three years via a partnership with car rental company Enterprise. So if you need to take a trip that is longer than the Fiat 500e's 87 miles range, you can simply borrow another vehicle and then switch back to your EV when you come back.

Hopefully Fiat will turn the 500e into more than a compliance car and start selling it outside of California. It could compete well with other small EVs, though it's not clear how much Fiat actually wants to make EVs in the first place (see Lloyd's post: FIAT Bets Big On Natural Gas As The Future of Fuel For Cars).

Fiat 500e Electric Car© Chrysler

You can see more photos here: Beautiful Fiat 500e Electric Car Gets Best-in-Class 116 MPGe Rating from EPA

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