Fashionable Babes on Bikes Hit the Great Salt Lake

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Photo via Cycle Style Show.

"Utah" and "Fashion" have never necessarily gone together, so adding "Bicycle" probably won't give you much more of a mental picture. But urban bike riding of all kinds and even the concept of bike commuting is alive and well in the Beehive state, and next week in Salt Lake City a bike fashion show is aiming to highlight both the best of city bikes and fashion trends for riding. Babes on bikes and even biking in high heels are part of the spectacle after the jump.

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Photo via Cycle Style Show.
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In Utah, May is Bike Month, and this year for the first time organizers have put together a Bike Fashion Show to complement the annual Bike Bonanza. The show will display both the latest fashions in the bikes themselves, as well as apparel. While in many cases this still means an overdose of spandex, the trend of city riding - i.e. dressing in your normal work or casual clothes when you get on your bike, a la Copenhagen Cycle Chic - has reached Utah's cultural consciousness. And that's great - importing Europe's approach to biking to the U.S. would have lots of benefits.

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Photo via Cycle Style Show.
Bike Fashion Booming Big
If it's happening in Utah you can be fairly sure it's happening elsewhere. In London, for example, five (yep, five) different boutiques, including a mainstream Top Shop, are peddling bike fashion specifically to women. Bike bags predominate, but there's also a focus on casual fashion that can go from bike to boardroom.

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