Fancy an Inflatable Car?

XP car

You'd certainly be hard-pressed to find a more lightweight car than XP Vehicle Systems' Whisper this year - or one that could also withstand a 25-foot fall. Yes, while some of their lofty claims may seem dubious (safest car "ever"?) and some of their technologies untested - at best - the engineers at XP have built one of the most unique EVs we've ever seen.

Built almost entirely out of inflated airbags - to provide "superior" protection - on top of an electric motor chassis, the Whisper will be fully configurable online and be shipped directly to buyers - in two neat cardboard boxes - when it (supposedly) becomes available within the next few months. Company officials claim the car could double as a flotation device in case of an emergency and that its lightness will allow it to far outpace other vehicles using a similar battery pack technology.The Whisper's engineers are hoping to ride their little inflatable EV all the way to the Automotive X-Prize title. We'll leave it up to you to decide just how viable their technologies and vehicles are. Also be sure to check out their (hilarious) FAQ page to get answers to your most burning questions (what happens if somebody stabs the car, for example).

Via ::New Scientist Technology: Inflatable car will treat you like a Martian probe (news website)

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