eZee Quando - A Folding Electric Bike


A reader (Rich) commenting on our earlier post on the Aprilia Enjoy suggested checking out the eZee bikes. So we did. And amongst some very slick electric assisted bicycles, we settled on the Quando as an indication of their line-up. What sets this one aside is that it's a folding bike, that's said to take only 30 seconds (don't they all say that?) to become 226 litres (8 cu ft) of metal origami. Fully expanded the Quando weighs in at 25.7 kg (57 lb), including the NiMH 36V 9Ah battery. And it can manage a range of 32 km (20 miles) with a cruising speed of 25 kph (15 mph). AtoB Magazine in the UK is quoted as rating it: "A guaranteed winner... the best hill climber we've seen...  would suit a commuter in a hilly city, storming up gradients that would leave conventional cyclists puffing and blowing." Elsewhere, the same magazine suggest a sister bike, the eZee Torq "goes like stink". The Torq is slightly lighter at 24.7 kg (54.4 lbs) and has an increased ranged of 48 km (30 miles). All the bikes can be pedalled like a normal bike. See the full eZee range at ::50 Cycles