Explore how an EV or plug-in would perform on your commute

EV explorer photo
Screen capture UC Davis EV Explorer

From apps for locating chargers to EV-specific roadside assistance, we've already seen many ways that technology can help alleviate the much-talked about (and probably over-hyped) range anxiety of would-be electric vehicle owners.

Now a new offering from UC Davis, the Electric Vehicle Explorer Tool, will help would-be EV buyers compare conventional vehicles, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles by cost, range and gas-to-electricity consumption over specific, real-world journeys. It will also tell you how your vehicle's battery range compares to the length of the journey.

Simply plug in your address, the address you commute to, and the frequency of commuting and the tool will give you the specific fuel consumption and energy costs for four cars. The default options provide comparisons between a Honda Civic, a Plug-in Prius, a Chevy Volt and a Nissan Leaf, but you can select from a huge range of vehicles (including, of course, the Tesla Model S).

Of course, most people drive more than one place, and while you can run the comparison multiple times, it would be nice to have options for adding multiple journeys to create a more complete picture of your average week's driving. But this is a great start and a useful tool. I'm sure there'll be much more to follow.

Explore how an EV or plug-in would perform on your commute
A new tool from UC Davis helps would-be EV owners explore their options based on their own real-world commute.

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