Every Step They Take...

British rock and rollers have been rated on how eco-friendly they are and how carbon neutral their tours have been this year. The scores ranged from 0: as carbon neutral as Bob Geldof's bathwater to ten: as good for the Earth as an oil spill. The Police, fronted by green crusader Sting, topped the charts at 7 for causing massive pollution on their recent world tours. At their Dublin concert 82,000 fans racked up untold amounts of carbon emissions. Kasabian tied with them as a result of their nine month tour during which they played in Japan, Australia and Europe.

At the other end of the spectrum, Pete Doherty and Babyshambles rated a 4 because they play in small local venues and fans don't travel far to see them. As one blog put it: "Sting beaten to eco-friendly crown by puddle of pond scum." But the greenest band of all was Radiohead, weighing in at 2, particularly since they planted more than 50,000 trees to offset their last tour. The survey was carried out by NME in association with carbonfootprint.com. :: thelondonpaper

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