Every Londoner Within Mile of EV Charging by 2015


Image credit: London.gov.uk

While the City of London may have withdrawn free electric car parking, the UK capital continues to see fast and furious progress toward a truly electrified transportation system. From city-wide electric vehicle charging at Sainsbury's supermarkets to the auctioning of electric charging points, electric car infrastructure in London is developing constantly. Now the Mayor of London has set out a strategy for putting 100,000 electric vehicles on the capital's streets as soon as possible. And it's ambitious indeed. Launching his new Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan for London (PDF), Mayor Boris Johnson stated the case for decisive and forward thinking Government action to kick-start the market:

'A golden era of clean, green electric motoring is upon us and London is well ahead of cities around the globe in preparing the right conditions for this.

'There is an urgent need to tackle the risk of serious and irreversible climate change, yet this does not need to be about hair shirt abstinence. I want to pursue radical yet practical steps to cut energy waste. Electric vehicles are a clear example of how technology can provide the solution to the biggest challenge of our generation.'

Highlights of the plan include installing 25,000 charging spaces in London's workplaces, retail outlets, streets, public car parks and station car parks by 2015. Once completed, says Mayor Johnson, every Londoner will be within one mile of an EV charging point. Crucially, the Mayor's office is also committing to getting at least 1,000 Greater London Authority fleet electric vehicles by 2015. These are bold moves, and could herald a huge boost to the electric vehicle industry in London and around the world.

Of course we shouldn't forget that London has excellent public transportation, and electric cars aren't going to fix everything. But given the fact that countless Londoners still drive, it can hardly be a bad thing if they make a move toward a greener vehicle to do it in. And with London's car clubs gaining strength, and cyclists finally being taken seriously, the picture is getting rosier for London's transportation network.