Even Cheney Thinks Gas Tax Holiday is a Bad Idea

Just how bad an idea is the gas tax holiday being proposed most prominently by John McCain and Hillary Clinton? Well, it raised the ire of NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, but that's certainly no surprise. No, Dick Cheney, the reclusive Vice-President, has actually said that the idea of a gas tax holiday is "a false notion, in the sense that you're not going to have much of an impact, given the size of the gasoline tax on the total cost of the gallon of gas." If Dick Cheney doesn't like the idea of lowering a tax, it must be a truly bad idea.

Of course, Cheney has a much better, more sensible plan. And what is that plan? Why, drilling in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! Forget the fact that doing so would have an infinitesimally small impact on gas prices (perhaps as infinitesimal as the very gas tax holiday he is deriding as silly?): Cheney thinks he knows what we need to do to solve our energy problems! Fortunately, neither the gas tax holiday (which isn't even supported by the President), nor drilling in ANWR, stand much of a chance of being passed. Still, it says something about the state of the energy debate when people on both sides of the aisle are spending their time discussing ethanol, gas holidays, and drilling in ANWR, none of which are going to do anything to help solve our pressing energy independence/air pollution/climate change issues.

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