EV1 Electric Car on eBay for $100k. Oh Wait! It's Just the Manual...

EV1 Electric Car Manual Ebay photo

Honey, Guess What I Just Bought on eBay!
There's a classic eBay scam that goes something like this: You sell the box, or the manual of something that is very valuable or in high-demand, and you do it in such a way that it is possible to mistake it for the real thing. A good way to add credibility is to have a very high starting price. We've seen this with Playstation 3 boxes and iPhone boxes being sold for the price of the real thing, and now we have this beautiful 1997 EV1 electric car... manual on sale for $100,000.

The seller is obviously hoping that a very rich person will forget to put on his glasses and make a bid. While it's good to see that there's enough demand for electric cars (see 17 Electric Cars that You Must Know About) for this to happen, we hope that nobody will be fooled. Here's the eBay Auction for the EV1 Manual. Via eBay scam of the day: EV1 owner's manual for $100,000

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