EV Rentals - Hybrids for hire

Travelling in North America over the Christmas period? Or any time really? Maybe you could take the opportunity to try out a hybrid- electrical vehicle. EV Rentals have over 400 cars around the country at seven key locations like LAX and Ontario airport and Union Station, Washington DC. Choose from Honda’s Insight (pictured), Civic hybrid or natural gas, and the venerable Toyota Prius. Since their start up 6 years ago EV Rentals reckon thay have saved over 40 tons of polluting air emission. You can save too, when their rental cars get more than 60mpg (3.9 litres/100 km). That could get you 700 miles (1,126km) on a single tank of juice! Other benefits are that in four US states you can travel in the car pool lanes, even if alone and - this was the one that got me - you can return most models with an empty tank, for no additional fee. Day rate for the Insight is $49.99 USD ::EV Rental [by WM]