EV Owners Offered $50 Reward for Sharing Their Car

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I've posted before on why electric cars and car sharing schemes are potentially a match made in heaven. But while forward thinking cities like Paris are launching 3000+ vehicle electric car sharing schemes, there's no reason for communities to wait for government or corporate action.

With the growth of peer2peer lending schemes, motorists can get behind the wheel of an EV without having to commit to a purchase—and EV owners can earn a little money back and help spread the word about cleaner transportation too.

At least that's what PlugShare—whose crowdsourced EV charging infrastructure efforts Jaymi reported on previously—are hoping, as they have just announced a partnership with Getaround—yeah, Jaymy reported on Getaround's peer2peer lending too—to pay PlugShare members to rent out their EVs:

There is a growing segment of society that wants to see zero emission, advanced driving machines become the norm, and these are the people on PlugShare and Getaround, sharing resources with each other in the name of a common goal,” said Forrest North, CEO of Xatori, Inc. “You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new car to be part of the solution. All you need is an outlet and an Internet connection and you can be a part of the EV revolution.”

Eligible communities for this scheme include the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego.

As EV adoption and availability increases, and as the collaborative consumption revolution shows no signs of abating, the sharing economy starts looking more and more viable every day.

EV Owners Offered $50 Reward for Sharing Their Car
Electric car owners are being offered cash rewards to share their vehicles and spread the EV love.

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