EV super-advocate Paul Scott wants to make a documentary about his 'Lunch with Obama'

Paul Scott
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A lunch that never was...

Paul Scott eats and breathes EVs. He was featured in both Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car. He's a founding member of Plug In America, a Nissan LEAF salesman, and such a dynamo that he probably produces the clean energy that powers his electric car himself.

Earlier this year, he broke the piggy bank that contained his retirement money and bought a seat at a fundraising event for president Obama. He spent over $32k of his own hard-earned cash just to have the chance to say a few words to the president about electric cars, but the organizers of the event - for some reason - decided that this couldn't happen, so they denied him access.

As often happens, the controversy surrounding this probably brought more attention to Scott's cause than if he had been able to speak to Obama, and being the hyper-EV-advocate that he is, he couldn't pass up the chance of shining an even bigger spotlight on the situation.

That's why he's trying to raise some funds to finance a documentary about his efforts:

In an somewhat ironic twist (and, spoiler alert), the movie will also show that, thanks in part to all the controversy, the Netherlands invited Scott to Europe to speak at an EV conference recently. In attendance? "Leaders and policy makers of the Netherlands, England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium." Why talk to one president when you can talk to several? (source)

Here's the video about the project:

If you want to contribute, you can do so on GoFundMe.


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