European Transportation Sector's Carbon Emissions Increase

Airport at night

photo by Paco Alacantara

The carbon emissions of the transport sector have been in focus of for a while now, with cargo shipping recently coming under scrutiny. Well a new report shows that overall CO2 emissions from the EU transport sector have risen, despite an overall reduction in emissions.
The European Environment Agency states that emissions from eastern European states continue to climb, after dropping through the 1990s. Emissions from road transport increased 0.7% in 2006 (the most recent data) to 6.5 million tonnes of CO2. The EEA says this rise is "mostly driven by increased use of diesel for freight and passenger transport." Emissions from international aviation and shipping continued to rise sharply: aviation emissions growing by 5 million tonnes and shipping emissions climbing by 10 million tonnes.

Overall emissions from the EU fell by 0.3% (14 million tonnes) between 2005-2006. Current emissions of 5.1 billion tonnes means that European emissions now are at 7.7% below 1990 levels.

:: European Environment Agency

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