Ethical Weddings on Honeymoons by Rail


The trains that operate between the UK and mainland Europe have fast become a regular subject on TreeHugger. We've covered the fact that they already produce 90% less emissions than flights on similar routes, and that the operator Eurostar is making efforts to reduce these emissions by a further 25% and offset the rest. Most recently the same company made our pages for its efforts to compete with airlines on both speed and price. But putting aside questions of emissions or travel times for a moment, what of the actual travel experience? If the experiences of Katie and Jamie, of Ethical Weddings, are anything to go by, opting for train travel instead of flying can be a beautiful, rewarding experience — even over distances much longer than the usual cross-channel hop. In their latest blog offering, Katie describes the couple's 2 day train journey from Sussex to Spain:

"The tempting sleeper cabin option was rejected due to lack of funds so on the downside we did spend most of 2 days making the journey there and back but on the upside got to see some gorgeous countryside and coastal beauty spots as we sped along. On the way down we broke our journey at Perpignan staying at a stylish B&B; called 'le crocodile rouge'. Stylish did not mean snooty, I'm pleased to report, as our extremely friendly hosts invited us to share dessert with the family and then spend a pleasant evening chatting about this and that (chance to use my French!), including ethical weddings and responsible travel!"

Katie goes on to suggest what a great honeymoon this would make, perhaps stopping off at various points along the way, and invites readers to share their own honeymoon train journeys. She even promises us the honeymoon story of the Man at Seat 61, who we reported on here. Of course, anyone planning their honeymoon is likely to also be getting married (not sure how we figured that one out!), so be sure to check out our guide on How to Green Your Wedding too. ::Ethical Weddings::

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