Epoq NEV - Electric Driving on a Budget


We can't all afford a Tesla, and even some of the fairly plain electric cars are still very pricey. You can get affordable electric driving, but you do have to make some compromises. The Epoq NEV is an electric vehicle designed for short journeys and use in hotel/industrial/academic complexes. Its low speed and short range rule it out as a viable gas vehicle replacement on highways and larger roads, but it does have one advantage - price. At only $9,500 it's certainly one of the cheaper electric vehicles on the market at the moment. You could certainly consider this for city driving, but bear in mind that it is essentially a golf cart with a full body.It has a range of 62 miles, so anything further away than 25 miles from a charging station is a bit risky. There is a full interior though, so it should be pretty comfortable. You can also choose lots of upgrade options to make it even more so, including a heater/defogger, a sunroof or an AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo. Even on the basic option you get everything that you need in order to be street-legal; lights, seatbelts, mirrors and horn, and every model comes with a 12 month guarantee. I can imagine that a small fleet of these would be perfect on a college campus, or a large factory. However, if you can spend a few thousand dollars more, then the G-Wiz is a far superior car that is more practical for driving on real roads. ::Uber Review