EPA: Ford Fusion Energi has 21 Miles of EV Range

Ford Fusion Energi© Ford

620 Miles Altogether

We already knew a lot of details about the Ford Fusion Energi based on the recent release of its EPA numbers (108 MPG-equivalent in the city, 92 MPG-equivalent on the highway, and a round combined MPGe of 100), but for some reason the EPA (or Ford?) decided not to release the plug-in's electric driving range at the time. Since it's an extremely important number for anyone considering the Fusion Energi, to see how that number matches with your driving habits, I think it's worth an update.

So here we go: Using the EPA's methodology for plug-in cars, the Fusion Energi has an official electric driving range of 21 miles before the gasoline engine kicks in, giving it a total driving range of 620 miles.

The Fusion Energi can go up to 85 MPH (137 KPH) in electric mode, beating the Toyota Prius Plug-in by 23 MPH. The Energi has 195 horsepower (145 kW) with a fully charged battery, which is 60 more horsepower than the Prius plug-in for those keeping score.

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EPA: Ford Fusion Energi has 21 Miles of EV Range
One of the most important numbers describing the performance of the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid has been release, its electric driving range.

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