'Environmentalists' Destroy Hummer

Gareth Grove bought an enormous Hummer. So big, in fact, that it wouldn't fit in his garage, and he had to leave it on the street in the leafy suburb where he lives. But that's OK, because Hummers are built to last, and the leaves wouldn't hurt it at all. And for five days it lasted just fine, it's rugged over-engineering valiantly fending off falling leaves and slight breezes.

However, two people then decided that they didn't agree with Hummers, and that they should make a statement about their disapproval. They smashed the Hummer's windows, slashed every tire and scratched into the paint the words, "FOR THE ENVIRON." Presumably over-estimating the enormity of the car and running out of space for the last word. But that was to be expected, because this was hardly the most well thought out plan ever conceived.
Groves, who is 32 and lives with his mother, said, "The thought of somebody vandalizing it never crossed my mind. I've kind of been in shock." Apparently people have been driving past to see, with a smug look on their face. Obviously though, the culprits weren't TreeHugger readers. Our readers are smart intelligent people, who aim to create a greener world. If these people were actually trying to help the environment, then they've done more harm than good - perhaps they just used the environment as an excuse for vandalism.

Should Grove have bought a Hummer? No. Should he have used that money to move out of his mother's house? Yes. Do any of us have any right to harm his property? No. He's either going to repair the car, using paint and chemicals, creating waste, or scrap it and buy something else, causing even more waste. As well as this, it's probably alienated quite a few people from the green cause. We're reaching tipping point now; green issues are reaching the mainstream. Acts like this are the last thing we need. ::Washington Post

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