Enermotion Turns Your Prius Into a Solar Powered Plug-in Hybrid


Jack MacDonnell takes your Prius and covers the roof with photovoltaics and adds a back-up battery supply "which provides additional electric charge to the vehicle’s electric motor when the factory battery pack's State of Charge (SOC) drops below a pre-determined charge rate. This supplemental battery pack thereby extends the driving range of the vehicle while the factory battery pack recharges itself on-board."

It extends it a lot- to the equivalent of a hundred miles per gallon, and reducing ‘well to wheel’ CO2 emissions up to 50%.


it isn't just for Priuses, either; they will modify any hybrid car or truck.


When he is not doing conversions, Jack is working on his Automotive X prize entry, the XP100. "Without giving away our strategy, our engineering plan is to optmize some existing technology while integrating a number of innovations we are developing to achieve the objectives of the competition."

I am not a gearhead and Mike would have asked better questions, (and I did not know about the X prize entry or would have asked about it) but I muddle through an interview of Jack MaDonnell, CEO of EnerMotion.
Found at the Green Living Show.

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