domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Transportation & Travel


Like yesterday, we're taking the Green List outside for a look at transportation and travel, TreeHugger-style. In addition to a nod to the WorldChanging book (which has advice on all things green, in addition to travel and transportation), the transportation list emphasizes human power, with a spotlight on Schwinn's electric bikes and a spotlight on clothing designer Lela Rose's custom trike that gets her around New York City. For times when pedal-power won't do, biodiesel and hybrids get the nod, with Mercedes' E320 Bluetec and Toyota's Prius getting the nod. When the time comes to get away, there are green retreats for any taste, including a Mexican casa, Nantucket B&B; and Italian farm stay all mixing "eco" with "tourism." We couldn't forget to mention carbon offsets for the flights (and cars); we went with NativeEnergy. There's lots more to see when it comes to getting around and getting away on pages 54-55 on the print version, and at ::domino's Green List: Transportation and Travel

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