Elon Musk tweets video of Tesla's strange 'snakebot autocharger' prototype

Teslas Charging
CC BY 2.0 Teslas charging in Huntsville, Ontario/ Lloyd Alter

Do you want this in your garage?

People like convenience? Not having to go to the gas station anymore is one of the big perks of electric cars, but you still have to charge up the batteries, which means you have to do the herculean effort of plugging in the car using your own hands, right? Maybe not for long. Elon Musk has tweeted a video showing what he calls the Tesla 'snakebot autocharger' (catchy name, could work for a Transformer).

Of course this is just a prototype, a proof of concept. If/when this thing gets deployed in the real world, it'll probably be much faster and look more polished. Maybe something like this:

Except that there could be a home version that allows you to just drive into your garage or to a certain spot in your driveway, and then not even have to think about plugging in, the snakebot autocharger will do it for you. It's not the most important thing, but anything that increases convenience will probably help sell more EVs, and this will remove the risk of forgetting to plug-in after a long day of driving and waking up to a depleted battery the next morning. Just that will probably make it worth it to all the absent-minded people out there.

And Teslas won't just plug themselves in, they're also about to start driving themselves (at least to some degree on the highway).

Convenience, right?

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Elon Musk tweets video of Tesla's strange 'snakebot autocharger' prototype
People like convenience? How about not even having to actually plug-in your plug-in car yourself...

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