Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Pledges Donation Towards Tesla Museum Crowdfunded Campaign

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Elon Mush has always been ready to back up his words with his money (and hard work). When he was a teenager, he believe that the Internet would change the world, and that to keep growing and reach its full potential, people needed a way to send money to other people online. This eventually lead to Paypal, which was sold to eBay. Musk also thought that humanity needed to eventually become a spare-faring, multi-planetary species. This lead to SpaceX, the first private company to send cargo to the International Space Station. Another of his deeply held beliefs was that we needed to transition to clean energy; Musk had the idea for an innovative and low-cost solar panel installer, which was turned into a real business, SolarCity - now the biggest solar installer in the U.S. - by his cousins (he's also chairman and an investor in the company). And finally, Musk thought that cars should also be much cleaner and run on electricity (generated from clean sources, of course!) rather than fossil fuels. This lead to his involved in Tesla Motors, a company that he did not create, but that he now runs as CEO and biggest shareholder.

Tesla Museum© The Oatmeal
But you don't run a company called Tesla Motors without being a big fan of the man behind the name, uber-inventor Nikola Tesla. So when cartoonist The Oatmeal proposed to crowd-fund a Tesla Museum by preserving Tesla's final laboratory, known as the Wardenclyffe, it made sense to see if Elon Musk was interested in contributing. The nice people at Jalopnik contacted him, and Musk pledged to contribute (with his own money, not Tesla Motors'), which is awesome!

And he's not the only one contributing. With 40 days to go to reach a goal of $850,000, the crowd-funding effort has already reached $821,930 from almost 20,000 donors. If you want to contribute, you can do so here.

Update: The goal has been reached, which hopefully means that the museum will be funded! As of 11 PM on August 21st, pledges have reached $903,696, which is 53k more than the goal. Thanks everybody!

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Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Pledges Donation Towards Tesla Museum Crowdfunded Campaign
You too can contribute to help save Tesla's last laboratory and preserve it for posterity!

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