Elon Musk Joins Buffett, Pledges Fortune to Charity


Billionaires Not Interested in Hereditary Dynasties

Warren Buffett has been working on promoting the Giving Pledge for a while now, trying to convince other billionaires to do what he and Bill Gates did by pledging most of their fortunes to charity. The list of pledges has been growing nicely, and one name in the latest batch caught my attention: Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motor, Chairman of SolarCity, and CEO of SpaceX.

Elon Musk on Bloomberg TVBloomberg TV/Screen capture

Apparently it's not enough for Elon to have changed the Internet with his startups (Zip2, Paypal), changed the world of electric cars with Tesla Motors (remember how electric cars were perceived before the Roadster came on the scene?), of energy with SolarCity (a very interesting model, which makes solar power more accessible), and the space industry with SpaceX. He's also planning to give away most of his fortune so that more can be done to help improve the world with it once he's gone. Not bad! No wonder he was the inspiration for Tony Stark in the recent Iron Man movies...

Via Bloomberg

If you want to learn more about Elon Musk, check out this profile of him from Bloomberg TV.

He's also featured quite a bit in Revenge of the Electric Car (which you can now watch for free on Hulu).

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