Elon Musk on how long he'll stay at Tesla, battery swapping, direct selling, mass-market EVs, etc

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Only hours before his company officially unveils it fast battery-swapping capabilities, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with Reuters journalists to answer some questions. As is his habit, Musk let out part of the cat out of the bag ahead of schedule, saying that if there is demand for them, they could put battery swapping equipment at all Tesla Supercharger stations, and that the swapping will be "really fast".

Musk also talks about the dispute with auto dealers in various states, saying that Tesla will have to get more serious about it and hire more people to fight this fight, with Musk himself having to spend more time on this. For more of the back-story on this, check out what happened in Texas and what Musk said at the Tesla shareholder meeting.

Asked how long he plans to keep running two companies at the same time, and whether now would be a good time to hand Tesla to someone else, Musk said that he will stay at Tesla until they make affordable mass-market EVs in large volumes (his original goal for the company), and that this should take at least 5 years.

There's also some interesting stuff about a possible SpaceX IPO, or rather, the absence of one. Musk feels like Wall Street is too short-term oriented to do a good job with SpaceX. They're barely able to grasp Tesla's long-term plans, so a 12-year plan to go to Mars probably wouldn't even compute...

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