Elon Musk explains his vision at Tesla's 2013 shareholder meeting

Tesla 2013 Shareholder meeting
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Get emotional about fight against auto dealers

Shareholder meetings can be dry and technical affairs, but any event where Elon Musk speaks for an hour and answers questions from the crowd is bound the be interesting.

At around 49 minutes into the video, a shareholder asks Musk about the National Auto Dealers Association and various states trying to prevent Tesla from selling its electric cars directly to customers (see here for more details: Texas won't allow Tesla to sell electric cars directly). Musk explains his position very logically, including that Tesla's philosophy is to not make profits on servicing its cars (which aligns its interests with the EV owners -- they now have incentives to make cars that don't break down..), but it's also clear that he sees this as an injustice and feels emotional about it (he calls it "a perversion of democracy" after citing numerous polls that show that an overwhelming majority of people want direct sales to be possible).

Musk also reiterates that the next generation (not the Model X, but the next platform after it) is still planned to be in the $30,000 price point, with around 200 miles of range, and will be part of the Model S family when it comes to looks. He says he'd like to try to get some auto-pilot/self-driving technology into it, but he's not sure they're going to be able to do it from the start.

But really, if you are interested in Tesla, it's worth watching the whole thing. There's a good overview of financial, the technology, future plans, etc. Not a ton of brand new things, but a good overview.

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Some shareholders are starting young!

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See also: Texas won't allow Tesla to sell electric cars directly

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