Elon Musk cryptically says he will "unveil the D and something else" next week (Oct. 9)

Tesla D teaser
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The only constant with Tesla is change. The company loves to keep pulling rabbits out of its hat. For example, in the past they only told Tesla customers about the existence of the Supercharger technology and 90-second battery swapping after the Model S was already on the road, basically telling people that their electric cars were even better than they thought when they bought them.

Using Twitter, Elon Musk has now teased a new announcement that will take place on October 9:

Of course, people had a lot of fun on Twitter with Musk's mysterious "D" (I'll spare you the juvenile humor), which apparently made him laugh quite a bit:

What could this be? Well, it could possibly be a new model to follow the Model S, Model 3, and Model X (notice anything about those names?).

Musk has spoken of wanting to do a F150-style electric pickup truck in the past, so maybe that could be it?

But that doesn't seem very likely. Tesla already has a lot on its plate. They still have to start selling the Model X, and the Model 3 will be their top priority for a while since it's a make-or-break gamble for the company, the model that will either take mainstream sales to the next level... or not.

The teaser imagine seems to show the front end of a Model S (though it could be another vehicle with the same design language). Tesla has also talked about its self-driving technology, which they prefer to call "autopilot". They said, in 2013, that they want to sell vehicles with it "within 3 years", so maybe we're due for a demonstration of what it can do?

A more likely possibility is that the "D" stands for "Dual", as in "Dual electric motors". The upcoming Model X will be AWD by default, so it wouldn't be surprising if Tesla offered a dual-motor AWD version of the Model S...

The "something else" could be an alpha version of the Model 3, the upgraded battery pack for the Roadster (which apparently could get 400 miles in range), or...? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Elon Musk cryptically says he will "unveil the D and something else" next week (Oct. 9)
What could it be? Start your speculation engines...

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