Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion battery Car)


Some pundits reckon it belongs to Captain Scarlet of the Mysterons. Me, I plug for it being the Lady Penelope's weekend car when her pink Thunderbird's FAB 1 is safely garaged. While it may conjure up images of something out of a Saturday morning kids show, the Eliica also appeals to another schoolboy fantasy – speed. Charge the batteries for 10 hours... ...from the mains (using green power, course!) and you should be able to obtain 0-60mph (97kph) in 4 secs (same as the Tango!), or 100mph (160kph) in 7 secs to then reach a top speed of 230mph (370kph). You want one? See if your spare change adds up to $315,000. Hopefully the inventor, Hiroshi Shimizu, and his sponsor Japan's Keio University can take some of their engineering wizardry and produce something a smidge cheaper and more practical. Practice your Japanese and see more pics at ::Eliica As always thanks to Jalopnik for the tipoff. [by WM]