Elettrica EV makes London-to-Brighton Drive

The London to Brighton run is a classic motoring journey, and a common escape for Londoners with a craving for sea air. That's why it's exciting that last week an electric vehicle made the journey with 'battery capacity to spare' - it proves that the weekend get-away is now perfectly possible in an electric car.

Last Sunday an Italian made Elettrica EV made the trip on a single charge, at speeds of up to 40mph. "Range has always been the electric car's equivalent of the Red Flag act. Like the Red Flag act, with recent developments in lithium-cobalt battery technology, it has now become more of a psychological rather than a practical limitation", said Vaughan Richmond, of Elettrica's UK agents, Travelelectric.
The trip was organised by the Battery Vehicle Society, and has become an annual gathering for EV enthusiasts, as well as commercial EV companies. Richmond said, "You have to remember that this is not a prototype, or a vehicle using technology that is 10 years in the future. What we achieved on Sunday can be repeated day in, day out, with two adults, and all from a car that has sufficient in reserve to cope with the cut and thrust of urban dual-carriageways". ::Auto Blog Green