Electric Vehicle Technology's Z-20 scooter

Last week, we showed you what a little ingenuity could do for the EVT 4000E electric scooter. Some of you might have wondered whether there were other options for bikes to use. Well you're in luck. Building on the success of it's earlier models, EVT America introduces their burly successor the Z-20.This zippy little bike has a number of improvements over the EVT-4000E. The most obvious is the new styling, which moves away from the angular, Japanese scooter aesthetic to something that looks almost like a jet bike from a video game -- we heartily approve. A larger seat means that toting your friends around will be much less cramped. As far as technical specs go, the newly engineered hub motor which powers the Z-20 generates 40% more torque than previous models, which makes for better acceleration and more responsiveness on the road. And for a limited time, this new model has an introductory price of only $1,999 US which includes the trunk and windshield upgrades at no charge.

The only thing we see missing from this beauty is regenerative braking, which still hasn't become common in smaller scooters, probably because it would raise prices above what people are comfortable paying. All the same, if you look into buying one of these, a request for the option might help the EVT designers to see the need is there.
:: EVT Z-20 Scooter [by DM]