Electric Vehicle Parking Auction in London

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Online Auction of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
There's no doubt that the availability of charging facilities is a crucial factor in the uptake of electric vehicle (EV) ownership — particularly in densely populated cities where people may not own driveways or garages to charge their vehicle. We are seeing a slow appearance of EV charging points across the USA, and San Francisco is pushing hard to become the electric vehicle capital of the country. But even San Francisco has a long way to go before it catches up with London, where the continued spread of electric vehicle charging points shows no signs of stopping. And in the latest development, the NCP (the national car park provider) is auctioning off 50 electric vehicle charging points across the capital. Here's more from the website of EV retailer GoinGreen:

NCP, the national car park provider, have today launched an aution for 50 electric vehicle only parking spaces across the capital. The winning bids will obtain access to parking and charging in the designated car park for 12 months. Individuals can chose a space near home or work, which ever suits their needs best.

'This facilitates electric vehicle ownership for the whole of London's population, and removes one of the biggest hurdles for potential owners. Securing a parking and charging bay will allow many more people to commute without polluting and enjoy the reduced lifetime costs of electric vehicle ownership. A priority in todays economic climate' comments Steve Hartridge, Managing Director of GoinGreen.

I'm not totally convinced that the auction of 50 parking places "facilitates EV ownership for the whole of London's population", but it is definitely a huge step in the right direction — not only will this allow charging for those without appropriate facilities at home, it should also help extend the viability of EV commuting to the suburbs if drivers can be assured of a charge when they get to work.

Interested? You can place a bid online for an electric vehicle only parking spot at the NCP website. But let's not forget that the same cities that lack adequate driveways/garages for charging are usually the cities that have excellent mass transit facilities — it's certainly the case for London. So before you opt for an EV, think about whether you can get by on the Tube, the bus or by bike.

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