Electric Vehicle Charging Continues to Spread Across London

Electric Vehicle charging points are spreading across London map

The image above comes from Newride London, and shows just how easy it is for electric vehicle owners in London to find charging points. And despite a change in mayors, the expansion of infrastructure for electric vehicles in the city seems to be continuing apace, with many developments being pushed by individual boroughs within the city. Earlier this month we heard about 12 new on-street charging points in Westminster, and now we hear that the borough of Islington is making moves in a similar direction — opening two new charging stations. And for those who are concerned that electric vehicles are becoming the new "silver bullet" to transport issues, it's encouraging to see that this is just one in a whole range of measures taken in Islington, from running an electric van to using GPS to reduce mileage. This from their website:• Staff across the borough are able to use bicycles and electric scooters for getting around the borough
• We run a fleet of electric cars, hybrid cars and LPG vehicles, with the electric fleet powered by renewable wind energy
• Our Highways service runs an electric Modec van, which is silent and creates zero emissions
• Our entire diesel fleet has been running on UK sourced bio-diesel since 2006 and we are currently piloting a scheme using pure plant oils straight from the source on buses and refuse vehicles, which use less fuel and significantly reduce emissions
• The majority of our refuse and recycling fleet is now Euro V using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to significantly reduce our emissions from the heaviest polluters in the fleet, and our waste transfer vehicles are running on a combination of LNG and bio-diesel
• We train our drivers to a high standard using the Government recognised SAFED course, which aims to reduce accidents and reduce our fuel consumption figures
• A fully integrated GPRS system now helps us to reduce 'dead mileage' through more efficient routing

::Islington Borough Council::via GoinGreen::

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