Electric Sports Cars, SUVs and Mini-Vans in Fully Charged Round-up (Video)

electric car round up photo

Image credit: Fully Charged

Robert Llewellyn has been busy once again. Having road tested of the BMW Mini-E, explored fast electric car charging, and reviewed the Nissan Leaf, the cult British TV presenter and comedy actor has also been trying out some more unusual EV's. From a fully electric Range Rover SUV, through an outrageous looking electric sports car, to a fully functional mini-van—his latest show is a fabulous roundup for EV fans.As always, when we talk about electric cars, there will be those who argue that the car is an inefficient use of resources, whatever you run it on. And in some ways they'd be right. From bike commuting to urban density, there are plenty of other pieces of the sustainability puzzle we need to address too. But with a new Life-Cycle Assessment of electric cars showing that batteries have a minimal impact on the overall sustainability of cars, the arguments against electrified transportation are dropping like flies.

Robert Llewellyn's ever entertaining dispatches from the front lines of the EV revolution can only help speed up that transition.

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