Electric Porsche 911 by RUF: "Emotions without emissions"

Electric Porsche 911 EV photo

Electric Porsche 911
Ruf Automobile GmbH, a German automotive company that has been tuning Porsches for a long time, will make an electric version of the Porsche 911 called the eRUF Model A.

Under the hood, a 150kW (201hp) brushless three phase A/C electric motor that can generate an impressive 480 lb.-ft. of torque and a lithium-ion iron-phosphate battery pack made of 96 160Ah Axeon cells and a sophisticated monitoring system to make sure it doesn't overheat. Read on for more details and photos.


eRUF Porsche Technical Specifications
Green Car Congress:
It accelerates from zero to 100 kph in less than seven seconds and has a top speed of 225 kph (140 mph). Estimated range per charge is 250 kilometers to 320 kilometers (155-199 miles), depending on performance level, using a 50.72 kWh lithium-ion iron-phosphate pack from Axeon plc.

But the battery pack could be replaced as new technology comes out. In its press release, RUF says: "The generation of batteries available from Axeon represents by no means the end of the developmental curve. Current performance improvements in battery technology indicate that end of this improvement spiral is nowhere near. "


The eRUF Porsche also features regenerative braking.

Electric Porsche 911 EV photo

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