Electric Hearses as the Perfect Early EVs? Bury Me By Battery.

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Image credit: Brahms Electric Vehicles

I've argued before that electric vehicles (EVs) do not have direct "gasoline equivalents", and that EVs are actually looking like increasingly viable every-day modes of transport for many of us. But there are a few applications where the advantages of EVs really come into their own—and one of them has got to be the funeral industry. After all, whoever wanted a noisy hearse?From liquid cremation to how to green your funeral, we already know that there are plenty of options out there for folks who want a greener send off. Yet, short of a very long Smart Car, TreeHugger has yet to feature many greener alternatives for funeral transportation.

But from predictable (and relatively short) journeys, through low speeds, to a need for quiet, it seems to me that the requirements of a hearse make them an ideal entry point for EV technology into the mass marketplace. At least that's what Brahms Electric Vehicles are hoping—the UK-based company is offering converted, fully electric hearses to the funeral industry. Business Green's Sceptic Tank reports on the company, noting that the team hope to manufacture purpose built EV hearses in the near future, but in the meantime, they make the case for why battery is best when it comes to burial:

"Electricity is a natural solution for this sector," intoned Brahms founder Steven Cousins, presumably in a grave yet dignified timbre.

"The hearse needs a smooth ride at speeds less than 30mph for relatively short journeys. This makes it ideally suited to electricity and the stage where today's technology has reached."

Brahms' website makes the bold, yet not inconceivable, claim that this decade, the majority of funeral vehicles will go electric. Let's hope they are right—and maybe their owners will take a serious look at composting corpses too.

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