Electric Harley


When you think Harley, do you think TreeHugger? Well, think again. If a hog can still be called a Harley without the trademark engine roar, then Harley has joined the parade of design innovations which allow the modern TreeHugger to love his (or her) toys and the environment too. The thanks are due to Carl Vogel. Following a long tradition of hog choppers, Mr. Vogel has replaced the gas engine with ten car batteries. With 5 speeds and 78 horsepower, the bike can do 70 - 75 mph according to its inventor. A glimpse at the Vogelbilt website might disappoint those hoping the first electric Harley is a prototype, coming soon to a dealer near you, because Vogelbilt's main focus is biodiesel. But Carl Vogel has told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he wants to start producing electric motorcycles by 2007. The MJS site also offers a link to video from the Discovery Channel for those interested to see the bike in action. Or worth a look if you want to see a man with cheese on his head riding a motorcycle! The bike can also be set up with a side car generator (fueled by biodiesel, what else?) which can recharge the batteries underway.Via ::Milwaukee Journal Sentinel